Motorcycle and Charity Riders Near Me

Motorcycle and Charity Bike Riders Near Me In USA

When you hear the word motorcycle, I am pretty sure if you are a motorcycle rider you might have at least one everlasting memory that haunts your mind with a motorcycle. Who doesn’t like to go on a ride by motorcycle? Motorcycle rides make people calm and relaxed. In the USA, motorcycle rides have become popular over the last few decades. Some rides for passion and some rides for charity to help the needy. So, let’s explore some of the famous adventurous and charity motorbike rides for motorbike riders near me in the US.

Adventurous motorbike rides in the USA.

The tail of the Dragon  

If you are an adventurous motorcycle rider who  loves  taking a ride through scenic mountains and deep forests, this is for you as a motorbike rider near me in the US.The Great Smoky Mountains and the Cherokee forest borders the road. They act as a shackle to reduce your speed and make the ride more adventurous. The Snake US421, Smoky mountain loop, Devil’s triangle, Diamondback 226, The Gambler NC209, Foothills parkway, and Six Gap North Georgia are some of the nearby roads that you find during this as a motorcycle rider near me in North Carolina. 

San Juan Skyway

This motorcycle ride will let you witness the beauty and embrace the chillness of the Rocky Mountains as a motorcycle rider near me in Colorado. This route passes through the San Juan Mountains. The 12-mile route between Ouray and Silverton is known as the “Million Dollar Highway.” It is famous for adventurous motorcycle riders. The total distance of this Bike ride is 375 km. There are places to set night camps along this skyway. As this ride runs along the San Juan National Forest, free wild camping also can be found.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway motorcycle ride is one of the most famous drives for the motorcycle riders near me in the US. As a motorcycle rider if you take a motorcycle via this route, you will encounter astonishing views of waterfalls, rivers, etc. The distance of this route is around 470 miles. Blue Ridge Parkway connects to states. During your motorbike ride across this Blue Ridge Parkway, as a motorcycle rider you can view destinations such as Linville falls, Doughton Park, James River, Crabtree falls, Mount Pisgah, etc.

Pacific coast highway – California

 As a motorcycle rider, if you like to have a motorcycle ride challenging ocean wind, then you should go with a motorcycle ride on the Pacific coast highway in California. This route takes you along the entire coast of California from San Diego in the South to Crescent city in the North. This is one of the most famous rides for the motorcycle riders near me in America. It is considered an All-American road. This marvelous eye-catching drive also connects with San Obispo North Coast Byway and Big Sur Coast Highway. You can encounter Monterey, the Art colony of Carmel, Point Lobos state reserve, Big Sur, and much more during the motorbike ride.

Coastal Route 1, US highway – Maine

This is one of the famous motorcycle rides for the motorcycle riders near me on the east coast of the US .The total distance of this bike ride is around 228 miles. This coastal route ride is famous for foodie motorcycle riders near me in the US. Many restaurants offer some of the best sea foods in the US, especially lobster rolls. If you are not a busy motorcycle rider, spend some time in Acadia national Park. This is one of the most satisfying motorcycle rides on the east coast.

The Cascade Loop – Washington

 This is known as the Best ride for the motorcycle riders near me in Washington. The Cascade Loop is situated along the Cascade mountain range. The total distance of this motorcycle ride is around 440 miles. As a motorcycle rider, if you want all scenic views ranging from beautiful oceans to deep forests this is the one for you. There are some beautiful full lakes, valleys, and waterfalls.As this ride runs along the Cascade national park, undoubtedly you will encounter some of the neighbors (wild animals) who live nearby. Throughout this route, you will witness the astonishing dynamic beauty of nature. This is a true destination for adventurous motorcycle riders near me in the US.

The Badlands – South Dakota

If you want a dusty and sweaty motorcycle ride as a motorcycle rider near me in South Dakota, the Badlands is the right place. As per the name itself, this motorcycle ride will be fearsome. This motorcycle ride includes so many twists and turns. Riding your motorcycle  in the middle of large rock mountains on either side of the route makes you feel so independent. Varying from prairies to rock beds, these lands are the home to one of the world’s most enormous fossil beds. These lands are rich in biodiversity. This is home to many animals and birds like bison, bighorn sheep, Ferrets, golden eagles, and so on. There is a high probability of meeting at least some wild animals and birds during your motorcycle ride through the Badlands.

Charity rides in the US

Ride for kids

This is a motorcycle ride done for the kids by the charity motorcycle riders near me in the USA. Especially the funds collected from the motorcycle ride by this charity motorcycle riders are donated to children having brain tumors. Since 1991, this charity motorcycle ride has been organized by the pediatric brain tumor foundation in over 20 cities in the US each year. 

Many volunteer motorbike riders get to register for this event to raise funds. You can register for this motorcycle ride using the website

Kyle Petty Charity Ride

 This is one of the US’s most prominent and longest charity motorcycle rides done by the charity motorcycle riders. The main aim of this charity motorcycle is to raise awareness and provide a camping experience for kids with chronic medical illnesses. Kyle Petty, a NASCAR driver, established this charity bike ride. Since 1995, this charity bike ride has raised more than $20 million. Around 8,875 charity bike riders near me in Arizona and Utah have taken part in this charity motorcycle ride .

The collected fund is donated to different kid foundations and victory junction. Victory junction is where the kids with chronic medical illnesses gather for camping purposes. In 2022, this foundation raised $1.8 million through charity bike rides. If you want to participate in this charity motorcycle ride, you can register using the website

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR)

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride takes place worldwide to raise funds and create awareness regarding prostate cancer, men’s mental health, and suicide prevention among men. This charity motorbike ride is conducted by the vintage and classic style charity motorbike riders wearing a gentleman kit for the ride near me in the US. Initially this charity motorbike ride was founded in Australia. Later, due to its fame and impact, this has spread around 115 countries worldwide, including the USA.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s ride has raised a fund worth USD 31 million worldwide. Around 340 000 classic and vintage style motorbike riders have participated in this ride.  If you are a classic and vintage motorcycle rider near me in the US then this ride is for you. You can explore more on this using the website

Legends Ride

Legends Ride unique for the charity motorcycle riders near me in the USA. If you are a charity motorcycle rider near me in the US then you have the chance to ride your motorcycle with celebrities of the country. Initially, the Legend’s ride was started to preserve the heritage and the bike riding culture. 

Since 2008, the legends ride has raised $1.6 million for charity. They donate the raised fund to Special Olympics South Dakota – Rapid City Flame, Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of fame, and Treasure lives. This nonprofit organization provides various services like advocacy and education regarding anti-trafficking. Using the website you can register for this pleasant charity-focused motorcycle ride.

Veterans Charity Ride

The veteran charity ride is a charity organization run by the charity bike riders near me in the US. It works for the wounded and amputee veterans. They provide motorcycle therapies and life development programs for the affected veterans. Veteran army airborne paratrooper Dave Frey has initiated this motorcycle ride with his fellow veterans.

In this veteran’s charity ride, the wounded and amputee veterans are taken on a therapeutic motorcycle to improve their mental health by the charity bike riders. Through fundraising, this charity deals with post-traumatic war stress, sleeping disorders, brain injuries, and more of the veterans. The sole purpose of this charity bike ride is to give a new life to veterans who come from war. You can also contribute to this charity by donating motorbikes that are not in use. Using the website you can contact them.

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