how to make a 50cc scooter faster

How to Make a 50CC Scooter Faster? [Fast Method]

Indeed you have ever thought of buying a scooter, that’s for sure. Because a scooter is an enjoyable vehicle to ride. So everyone has a question: “How to make a 50cc scooter faster?”. We really need to talk about this important topic through different topics. Only then will you get a good comprehensive understanding of this. The scooter is effortless to ride. And everyone likes to ride because you can sneak here and there, even in traffic. We now want to focus on our main topic.

Why are so many people interested in the scooter? Or why is there so much interest in making a 50cc scooter faster? Let’s solve this problem in this article. And let’s dig a little deeper into this matter and the scooter. 

What is the Maximum Speed of a 50CC Scooter?

Okay, first, we need to understand the maximum speed of a 50cc scooter. Most scooters are limited to 48 km/h. And the most notable thing that could not be mentioned at first is that a scooter has a restricted engine. You can go at a speed of 65 km per hour without difficulty. Finally, you can go at 96 km per hour on a 50cc scooter when necessary. Of course, the thing to remember is that it is imperative to be careful about anything. Remember that.

How to Make a 50cc Scooter Faster?

Okay, we will come to the most essential part of our story. We are going to analyze some technical issues here. As mentioned earlier, many people are accustomed to considering a scooter instead of buying a motorcycle. There are several main reasons for that. Examples include lightness, shape, cuteness, and fuel efficiency. Also, even the mechanical arrangement is straightforward and easy to operate, and the relatively low price of the devices can be taken as a significant reason.

But the main problem here is that the speed could be faster. That’s why many people who love their scooters are interested in the question, “How can a 50cc scooter be faster?”. Considering the speed here is easy, it requires a proper understanding of the performance and technical equation.

Okay, let’s see what we need to do to make our mission successful.

  1. Removing the Fuel Filter

A fuel filter removes foreign particles or liquids from the fuel. Similarly, fuel filters protect internal combustion engine fuel system components.

Fuel filters determine the fuel supplied to the engine and directly affect the scooter’s speed. Of course, all you have to do is remove the fuel filters. And then, more fuel will enter the internal combustion engine, and there will be a noticeable difference in speed. Sometimes because of clogged fuel filters, you cannot maintain the desired speed. Therefore, removing the fuel filters can solve the problem.

  1. Carburetor Tuning

This carburetor, which performs a unique function in an internal combustion engine, helps your vehicle reach maximum speed without difficulty and significantly affects fuel usage efficiency. Suppose you are trying to reach the maximum speed of your scooter. That time you feel difficulty in getting that top speed. Sometimes you feel a disturbing lag from the engine at that time. Remember that you must tune the carburetor.

If you tune the carburetor properly, the engine will experience an excellent, efficient working experience. And it will be easy to reach the speed you want without difficulty.

  1. Change your Air Filters Carefully

Okay, at first, you might think this is a bit technical. Just focus on the point. We need just two pieces of equipment. One is a muffler, and the other is a screw nut. Or, simply put, you remove the air filters. Use an expansion chamber or muffler instead. This one is not just a technique but an excellent trick.

  1. Engine Restrictions Should Be Removed

Most scooters come with limitations as they are categorised by engine capacity.

A typical example is that common 49cc, and 50cc scooters are restricted to not exceeding 7000rpm. Consider these suggestions. If you want to get your scooter in the condition you wish to, I suggest you go to a mechanic. You don’t have to worry about money as this can be done at a meagre cost.

The second suggestion is to replace a new ignition module. You can do this from home. 

The most successful thing we can do with all this is to increase the engine’s power. This one is not easy, though also possible.

  1. Expansion Chamber Pipes

As mentioned earlier, increasing the horsepower will help make the scooter faster. And the thing you should remember is that this is a complicated process. The challenge is you have to choose a matching pipe for your engine. Here you can tune the pipes to get the maximum speed increase according to low or high revs, but all things must be taken care of as this can increase the heat of your engine.

  1. Upgrading

Talking about the upgrade, this could be more technical. But you will understand that this upgrade is indirectly related to our discussed technical matters. Think about it a little and accept this as the best suggestion to fulfil your dream of a scooter in good condition with better speed. Then you can value your scooter with the best condition parts available in the market for your model. Likewise, the risk here is relatively low. This will help you achieve 100% of your desired speed.


Here, when we analytically considered all the facts related to “How to Make a 50cc Scooter Faster”, we noticed something remarkable: this is not such a simple phenomenon. You must keep in mind that this process should be done very carefully. Likewise, you understand the complexity and seriousness involved. It is best to contact a professional mechanic to begin this process. In addition, you should always pay attention to the update.

Likewise, the other thing you should keep in mind is that if you are upgrading your scooter, it is very important to be aware of the laws and regulations in your area.

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