how much does a bike chain cost

How Much Does A Bike Chain Cost? Signs Of A Vulnerable Bike Chain

Riding on a country road with wildflower lanes of daffodils, snowdrops, and violet in the evening of an early spring day, smelling the breeze that you missed in gloomy winter would be heavenly for any green panther. What if your bike chain suddenly broke and you have to go for a new one ASAP as the chain couldn’t be repaired? How much does a bike chain cost? This is the only hesitation that will come along in your mind, as you are not bringing a full pocket to an evening ride.

Breaking the chain while on a ride is one of the worst things that can ever happen to switch moods in seconds. Unlike in bike chain stretches, a chain break cannot be repaired. There are many reasons for a broken chain, but the most common issue is that wear happens as a result of completing the recommended number of miles. As per the suggestions of professionals, it will be cautious about replacing your bike’s chain after it passes 2000miles – 3000 miles. Replacing the chain in the required time will avoid sudden breakdowns when you are on the road.

On the other hand, a chain would break if it got hit hard. This can happen when you try to ride a mountain or hilly area. Break downs due to impact have fewer chances to be repaired and used again. But sometimes breakdowns due to wear could be repaired; however, if it is passed the maximum miles, then better to be replaced with a new chain.

A broken chain must be treated or replaced soon as it may result in damage to chainrings and cassettes etc.

How Much Does a Bike Chain Cost?

The chain can be named as a major part of a bike, and as we discussed, chain replacement is crucial when you are in the boundary miles. “How much does a bike chain cost” is a question that needs more clarifications to give a proper answer. That means the price affects by its brand, type, and quality.

Apart from those, in the whole process, you will need to spend on the labour cost to replace the chain unless you are doing it on your own. But we recommend that if you do not have prior experience, please do not do the replacement by yourself as it may damage any other parts.

Overall, the price of a bike chain is between $10- $90. The price of chains increases with the modernity of the bikes. Lower in the hierarchy will only cost you $10, while a major in the top costs you a bill 0f $60-$90. As for the labour cost, most places charge $10-$30. But if you have a chain tool that is available in the range of $10- $50, you will be able to do it yourself and cut off some expenses. 

How Long Does a Bicycle Chain Last?

The number of miles cannot be predicted as an exact value as it depends on various elements like maintenance, riding style, weight on the bike, the drivetrain and the natural conditions that affect it. 

As we discussed early, it will be up somewhere between 2000 miles to 3000 miles for some and 500 miles for some. 

Doing regular checkups every 250 miles will make you aware of the condition of the chain, and it will be detected if there is any damage.

Signs that Appear When a Bike Chain Replacement is Needed

Take your service manual first. There must have mentioned a way to identify how much the chain has worn so far. This calculates the length of a certain number of links. And also, if a part of the sprocket is displayed, we can assume that the chain is worn. It would be best if you pulled the chain away from the sprocket rear for this observation. If there are tight spots on the chain, rust, and the sprocket teeth are damaged, then it is time to refresh with a new chain. 

When a chain wears out, its length increases. This happens as the pins connecting elements of the chain wear with time and use.

If not detected early, all of a sudden, it will break, emitting a sharp sound if you ride on a chain. There are also tools initialised to detect the damages on bike chains available in the market to purchase. 

How to Choose the Bike Chain?

Every chain comes in the same size. The mechanic will adjust the length by removing necessary links. The length depends on the number of gears you have got in the bike. You can find the number easily by counting the tooths.

  • 6,7,8 gears will need a 7/8 speed chain.
  • Eleven gears need an 11-speed chain.

Check the weight and durability of a chain before buying. A good chain is light weighted. Don’t go for the cheapest as there may be issues with the functioning. 

How to Extend the Lifetime of a Bicycle Chain?

Applying a quality lubricant – When you have to ride in the rain, the oil in your chain will be washed away, and therefore the chain will start rusting. To prevent this, you have to use a lubricant. Wipe out the excess lubricants to prevent dust and dirt placement.

Drivetrain must also be clean always. Wipe out dust and residuals after a long ride. There are even utensils designed especially for the chain cleaning process. Or else you can do it manually. You can remove the chain from the bike when in a deep clean.


Unexpected breakdowns in a middle of a journey can be overcome by regular maintenance and replacing the chain when it has completed its life span. It is better if you can go for a new one when the current chain has covered 75% of its valid time period. 

As it is explained in the previous lines, bike chain prices are determined by several facts. Go through the article carefully to find ways to handle these situations.

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