how fast does a 50cc dirt bike go

How Fast Does a 50cc Dirt Bike Go? [Comprehensive Guide]

When purchasing a motorbike, you would often check the speed of it. 50cc dirt bike is a popular type of bike specially designed for kids. If you are also planning to get one for your kid and wondering how fast does a 50cc dirt bike go, then you are in the right place.

While most parents are afraid of purchasing a bike for their kids because of the safety concerns. The automobile considered these factors and started producing bikes that would be suitable for kids. If your kid is interested in riding a bike, but you are afraid to get one thinking about their well-being, it is natural among most parents.

Thanks to technological advancement, the automobile industry started producing bikes, especially for kids. So, you can choose such options when purchasing a bike for your kid. Although you know that the 50cc dirt bike is for the kids, educating yourself about the product details is also essential.

50cc Dirt Bike

Most of the kids are interested in riding a motorcycle, especially if it is a male child. Hence the 50cc dirt bike will be a good option if your kid likes to ride a bike during his leisure time. If you think about the minimum age to ride a 50cc bike, it can be between 4 to 12 years.

These bikes have a smaller engine capacity which consumes 1.5 liters of fuel. Dirt bikes do not fall into the street bike category hence, you must refrain from taking this bike in the street. Suppose you have purchased a registered dirt bike with number plate, then you will be able to rid it on the street. Hence it is better to check on the legal concerns related to riding a dirt bike. There are different options of 50cc dirt bikes available hence checking the best one is essential.

If you are confused about which among these models will be best, some of the bikes at the top of the list are Suzuki DR-Z50, Yamaha TT-R50E, Yamaha PW-50, Honda CRF50F, and KTM 50 SX MINI. When purchasing this bike, you must ensure how fast does a 50cc dirt bike go, maintenance, cost, etc. The cost of the 50cc dirt bike will differ according to the brand and the features it contains. If you intend to go for a trial dirt bike, the cost will be around $1600 to $ 141800.

In comparison, the cost of a motocross bike will be around $3800. Each brand has its pros and cons. In the next section, let’s discuss the speed of a 50-cc dirt bike.

How Fast Does a 50cc Dirt Bike Go?

When getting a new motorbike for the kid, as a parent, it is your responsibility to check the safety concerns about the speed limit. You might have come across various resources suggesting a 50cc dirt bike for kids.

Most dirt bikes will not go beyond the speed of 25mph to 40mph. Although this seems too much for kids, in general, most kids will not achieve this speed hence you don’t have to worry. If you still think getting this type of bike will be risky since your kid might try riding to maximum speed, then you can choose a dirt bike with a maximum speed of 25mph.

Controlling the Speed of 50cc Dirt Bike

If you have already purchased a 50cc dirty bike for your kid, then most probably, you will have an idea of the maximum speed. If you think riding at the maximum speed will be dangerous for the kid, then there are some ways to control the speed limit. Using the following mechanisms, you can limit the speed of your dirt bike.

Throttle Limiter

When you shorten the turning radius of the throttle limiter, you can limit the speed by reducing the power. This will be safe for your kid, especially if there are riding a motorbike for the first time. After obtaining some experience, if the kid is confident enough to ride at a higher speed then you can easily adjust it back to normal.

Kill Switch

Although you will not find a kill switch on the 50cc dirt bikes, it is possible to install it on them. This is a great option to ensure safety when riding the dirt bike. Installing the kill switch, the rider can stop the engine from performing whenever they lose control. Hence this will work well during an emergency. Therefore, you can enhance the safety of your kid’s 50cc dirt bike by installing a kill switch.

You can also limit the speed of the dirt bike and let your kid use up to second gear only. This way, they will be riding the bike at a safe speed.

Factors Affecting the Speed of Your Dirt Bike

There are a few factors that will be affecting the speed of your 50cc dirt bike. The weight of the rider, the type of 50cc dirt bike you are using, and the terrain are some factors that will impact your bike’s maximum speed. When getting a new 50cc dirt bike, you will also have to check on the factors below when understanding how fast does a 50cc dirt bike go.

Type of Engine

You might know that the type of engine present on your dirt bike will affect the performance of the bike. Suppose you are using a 4-strokes engine, then the speed will be less when compared to the 2-strokes engine. Hence if you want a dirt bike with less speed, it is better to get a bike with a 4-strokes engine.

Gear Ratio

If you need to change the speed limit of the bike, then you can also do it by changing the gear ratio. This way, you can either increase or reduce the speeds.

Is 50cc Dirt Bike Safe for Your Kid?

When considering any sports activity, each of them will have some danger. Similarly, the dirt bike will also have some danger. Still, if you insist the kid ride it by following the safety concern, they can prevent themselves from falling into such situations. Also, you must ensure that you wear a helmet when riding the bike and that it is better to ride off-road. It is good if you can limit the speed. When your kid is riding a 50cc dirt bike or any other bike, it is necessary to watch them closely.

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