do you need a motorcycle license for a honda grom

Do You Need A Motorcycle License For A Honda Grom?

Both motorbikes and scooters come in widely different varieties nowadays. With the release of the new Honda Grom, Honda is now making matters even more complicated. Do you need a motorcycle license for a Honda Grom?

Quick Answer

Do you need a motorcycle license for a Honda Grom? Given that each of the variants has engines larger than 50cc, the Honda Grom usually requires a motorbike license to be driven.

What Is Honda Grom?

Honda Grom, a type of Supermoto speeder bike that bridges the gap between a motorcycle’s smoothness of ride as well as a scooter’s usability, is the best rider in this situation. A little motorbike is the Grom. This “wallet tiny” sport bike is a component of Honda’s mini-MOTO series.

State each state might well have different rules regarding the Honda Grom. It is possibly regarded as a motorbike in some areas, whereas a scooter or “compact motorcycle” might be more appropriate.

The success of the Honda Grom surprised the experts. Dealerships nearly instantly ran out of stock whenever they initially reached the sales floor in early 2013, and customers continued going back multiple times per week. The desire to purchase a Honda Grom led to the creation of waiting lists and premium price offerings.

The Honda Grom has become a widely sought-after motorcycle among all ages because of its affordable price, noticeably high gas mileage, user-friendliness, quick upkeep, and compact size.

Many are also taken aback by how well the bike handles on busy streets and how well it can stay consistent with some full-sized motorbikes. The bike is still quite popular and has undergone various upgrades.

Motorcycle License

For authorized bike operation in the majority of states, you need a motorcycle certification or permit. In fact, in order to operate a moped or scooter with an engine larger than a specific size, you frequently need a motorcycle license.

Failure to abide by the motorcycle license regulations in a particular state may result in penalties or even prison time. To get permission to operate a motorbike, you should be 15 or 16 years old, based on where users reside.

The ability to obtain a motorbike license without the need for a permit may be available to you after you become 18 years old. The cost and length of time it takes for senior drivers to obtain a motorbike license vary on the state where they live.

Can You Ride a Motorbike or Scooter Without a Bike License?

Wherever you reside will determine the specific rules that apply to scooters as well as mopeds.

Registering a scooter and having a motorbike license are nearly always necessary. These cars frequently feature 150cc or lower motors. On the other hand, mopeds having engines under 50cc do not need a specific driver’s license or certification.

You need a regular driving permit as well as a learner’s license in California as well as other jurisdictions if your motorbike or scooter has a motor that is 50cc or lower. In certain areas, there is no need for a license, although riders must be at least 18 years old.

Most jurisdictions allow you possess a driver’s license or an identification card with a motorbike certification if the moped or scooter does have a motor bigger than 50cc.

At the moment, a primary driver’s license is sufficient to use a motorcycle, including a motor equivalent to 50cc in size. Such license holders may ride motorbikes with a maximum engine size and performance of 125cc in several European nations.

This makes motorbikes such as the Honda Grom accessible to everyone with primary interests and no prior biking experience. On such a public highway, you may drive a Honda Grom since it is roadworthy. The question afterward inevitably emerges.

Do You Need a Motorcycle License for a Honda Grom?

Yeah! Because the engines throughout all Honda Grom versions are larger than 50cc, motorbike licenses are required for usage on public roads. Since the Grom only has a 125cc engine, certain countries could classify it differently from those other bikes.

You’ll have to have a Class M permit. A minor with such a motorbike license could be the sole exemption to this rule since they might only be allowed to operate bikes with engines less than 250cc.

Additionally, the regulations governing insurance coverage and registration might vary depending on where you live.

How to Obtain a Driving License for a Honda Grom Motorbike?

You must successfully complete both a written examination and a driving skills assessment in order to be granted a motorbike license.

Step 1: Pass the Theoretical Motorbike Exam

For the majority of states, obtaining a motorbike learner’s permit typically involves taking a written exam.

Step 2: Experience Biking in the Real World

The road to freedom begins only after obtaining a motorbike permit. Before you’re able to perform on your own, you’ll also have to prepare.

Step 3: Succeed in the practical motorcycle exam

Taking a skills exam is a crucial stage in the licensing procedure. The purpose of the driving skills exam is to determine if the candidate is able to operate the motorbike and adhere to traffic regulations.

Consequences of Using a Honda Grom Without a License

Riding a motorbike without a valid license may carry severe fines varying from state to state. Even though some jurisdictions offer less severe sanctions for unlicensed drivers, it is never a good idea to drive without one.

The penalty for traffic violations may build up rapidly, costing the offending thousands of dollars.


Do you need a motorcycle license for a Honda Grom? In conclusion, you will require a Class M motorbike license to operate a Honda Grom in public, irrespective of how the jurisdiction defines such vehicles.

Despite the Honda Grom’s popularization, obtaining the necessary permit is the only method of genuinely appreciating this motorbike. Regardless of whether the restrictions are less rigorous in the state, possessing a license demonstrates your readiness to drive the Honda Grom.


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