Can You Get a DUI on a Bike

Can You Get a DUI On A Bike? You Better Read This!!!

Many people ride their bicycles from an event that involves the drinking of alcohol rather than driving their car or using Uber. They think that they might get privileges by riding a bike. Conversely, people wonder, can you get a DUI on a bike even though you don’t risk being hurt in a major car accident or endangering other people? Keep on reading to know all about your queries.

Can You Get a DUI on a Bike?

So, can you get a DUI on a bike? Never attempt to operate a vehicle when intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. The decision to drive while intoxicated puts not just you but also everyone you come into contact with in danger. The direct cause of 25% of all traffic-related fatalities is intoxication from alcohol.

You must take the required measures and always use alcohol responsibly if you don’t want to join this statistic. One safety measure is always to assign a driver or plan a different route home in case you choose to drink during a night out.

Many individuals mistakenly believe that using a bicycle is a terrific alternative means of transportation to go home following a night of drinking. While cycling, there is a genuine chance of receiving a DUI or OVI citation.

Getting a DUI while cycling is also not a lesser offense. It carries the same penalties as getting a DUI while driving a car. Young folks or college students are frequently the ones who are most inclined to make this mistake. It would help if you discussed the risks of drunk biking with your children as their parent or guardian.

In the end, they are receiving a DUI or OVI ticket while cycling will impact your driving ability. It’s crucial to talk about this with kids. Although young people shouldn’t ever experiment with alcohol and drugs, these problems occasionally arise. As their parent or guardian, you must go through the severe penalties they would face if they receive an OVI or DUI charge, even when only riding a bike with them.

What Happens if You Get Caught Riding a Bike While Drunk?

Bicycling has several adverse effects when intoxicated with alcohol or other substances. Alcohol and drugs dull the senses. Considerably when you’re sober and entirely in control of your senses, riding a bicycle is a risky sport. It becomes even worse when you’re drunk and less in control.

Therefore, you endanger yourself and those around you when riding a bicycle under the effects of alcohol or other drugs. Police officers have the right to stop and interrogate you. If they see you riding a bike and think you might be intoxicated. Itmay result in a disorderly conduct arrest or a traffic penalty.

How Does Police Determine Whether a Rider is Drunk?

Based on how they are riding, how they are acting in general, or if there is any indication that they have used alcohol or drugs, an officer may arrest intoxicated biking. An officer may flag a person as impaired if, for instance, they are weaving while riding a bike, coming dangerously close to hitting something, or disobeying traffic laws. Additionally, officers’ suspicion of a CUI may grow if they notice or smell alcohol on a rider.


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How to Handle After Getting Pulled Over For DUI?

You should strive to follow a specific procedure if you find yourself getting stopped by police while on a bicycle to keep yourself safe. If you get stopped for riding a bike while drunk, remember that you will likely go through the same roadside testing as if you had been driving a car.

Although an officer must provide proof of reasonable suspicion before stopping you and a warrant before detaining you, it is to your best benefit to comply with their orders whether you agree with them. If you get unlawfully stopped, you could address the situation afterwards. But you must implement all the instructions on the first stop for your safety.

If you are stopped by the police while riding, it is an excellent practice to follow the instructions below:

  • Wait for more instructions while carefully pulling toward the side of the road.
  • Be composed and courteous to the officer.
  • Keep your hands visible and refrain from making any unexpected movements.
  • Don’t acknowledge guilt and speak as little as possible.
  • Write down whatever detail you can recall about the interaction once the officer has let you go and you have reached your destination. You must use this information if you decide to challenge the charge.

Possible Defenses

Depending on the case’s specifics, there may be potential defenses to a charge of cycling while intoxicated. A professional DUI and CUI attorney will look into your case and work with you to choose the best defenses. It might involve challenging the police officer’s assumption that you were driving while intoxicated. When, in reality, you were avoiding obstacles, potholes, or swerving to prevent an accident.

Because cycling is a safer option than drinking and driving, some states or localities have considered legalizing or decriminalizing laws prohibiting intoxicated cycling.

What to Do if you’re Facing Charges for Riding a Bike Drunk?

Now you know if you can get a DUI on a bike. You might be charged with a terrible misdemeanor if you ride an intoxicated bike, so you should take this very seriously. Make sure to contact a defense counsel if you face penalties or a gross misdemeanor charge to get your punishment lowered or dropped.

Dealing with charges or a severe misdemeanor is likely a time-consuming, stressful, and expensive process without the assistance of an expert attorney. Call a defense attorney immediately now to obtain the help you need.

Final Thought

Anyone, you come into touch with while diving while inebriated is at risk, not just you. If you are worried about being accused of driving under the influence while cycling, you should see a DUI lawyer about this extremely complicated legal problem.


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