Best bike racks - 7 Types hitch racks

Best Bike Racks – 7 Types

If you’re checking out the simplest way to transport bikes, hitch-mounted bike racks are the way to go. Securely attaching to the receiver hitch of your vehicle, they provide unmatched versatility and simple use. There is a good range of options to choose from, but hitch racks fall into two basic categories: platform models are the foremost expensive but offer excellent stability and convenience while hanging racks maximize carrying capacity during a compact package.

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Here is the list of hitch bike racks you may need

1. Front Mount Hitch Bike Rack

If the tow vehicle features a front mount hitch, a typical hitch mount bike rack is often wont to carry bikes on the front of the tow vehicle. Some people like better to carry bikes on the front of the vehicle therefore the bikes can stay insight from the driver’s seat.

the items to stay in mind when carrying bikes on the front of the vehicle are to form sure the bikes won’t block the headlights when driving in the dark and to form sure the airflow to the radiator isn’t limited by the bikes. When not towing your camper, a hitch bike rack is usually carried within the rear hitch of the vehicle to need the bikes to the trailhead.

2. Tow Vehicle Roof Bike Rack

A luggage rack allows bikes to be carried on the roof of the tow vehicle. very similar to hitch racks, a roof rack also will allow the transportation of bikes when not towing a trailer. Roof mount racks are an excellent solution when a spread of bikes is coming along on the trip. With a roof rack, each bike can have the simplest style rack for the bike’s style. One thing to stay in mind when carrying bikes on your tow vehicle’s roof is that the height of your vehicle. The height of the newer model pickup trucks can present a challenge in mounting the bike racks. to assist reach the top of your tow vehicle, consider running boards, a tire step, or a stool may be helpful.

3. Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

When trying to seek out a hitch bike rack to mount on a trailer, it is vital to make sure the bike rack is approved by the manufacturer for RV/trailer use. this is often to make sure that the rack can get up to the force exerted thereon at the back of the trailer. Hitch mounted racks are available to hold up to 4 bikes at the back of the camper.

the most important benefit to employing a hitch mount bike rack is that it can then even be used on the tow vehicle when the trailer isn’t attached. After fixing the trailer at the campsite, a hitch bike rack is usually transferred to the truck and thus the bikes are often driven to the trailhead.

4. Ladder Mounted Bike Rack

If your camper features a rear-facing ladder, a ladder bike rack is an alternative choice for carrying bikes. Ladder mounted bike racks offer the capacity to hold 2 bikes. The bikes are carried vertically and supported by the frame member between the seat post and therefore the pedals. These bike racks are good for lightweight bikes or children’s bikes.

5. Ball Mount Bike Rack

Another way to hold bikes between the tow vehicle and therefore the trailer is to use a motorcycle rack that mounts onto the ball mount. These style bike racks have either a built-in ball mount or will mount around a 2-inch ball mount shank. These bike racks are available in both hanging and platform style bike racks and are made to accommodate from 2 to 4 bikes. confine mind, however, with 3 or more bikes on this style rack turning clearance might be limited.

6. Truck Bed Bike Rack

When towing with a pickup an alternative choice for carrying your bikes is within the pickup bed. There are a number of various options to carrying bikes within the floor, like fork mount racks, frame mount racks, wheel mount racks, and tailgate pads. Between these bike rack options, there’s a rack to suit nearly every bike and each floor.

7. Tongue Mount Hitch Rack

Another way to tow your bikes is with a tongue mount hitch rack, just like the Stromberg Carlson Bike Bunk. Tongue mount hitch racks allow the bikes to remain in sight without blocking the front of the vehicle. Some tongue mount racks install around the A-frame of the trailer, while others, just like the Jack-It, mount with the A-frame jack. The important thing to stay in mind with this style is its weight capacity. Each rack varies, but typically this style mount requires that the load of the bikes and bike rack total not quite 100 pounds. Some tongue mount hitch racks also require that the bike rack won’t be approved to be used on a trailer. If a motorcycle rack isn’t included with the mount, we recommend employing a lightweight, 2-bike rack, like the Let’s Go Aero BikeWing-2.

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