Best 5 bicycle varieties in the world

Best 5 Bicycle Varieties In The World

Introduced back within the 19th century in Europe, bicycles are still the most means of transportation in many regions around the globe, and they’re widely used as a sort of recreation, commuting, and even utility. Cycling may be a fun and relaxing sport and it’s just getting more and more adepts every year. quite that, cycling is straightforward, healthy and it uses no resources aside from your own power.

For those of you praising cars and planes, consider the very fact that tons of parts that later had a key role within the development of automobiles and airplanes were first produced for bicycles. So yeah, the invention of bicycles had a major impact on the evolution of both society and technology.

Furthermore, by 2003, the number of bicycles worldwide passed 1 billion, which suggests they’re twice as many because of the number of cars.

Bicycles are the foremost used vehicles on the planet and up thus far, many still want to ride them. additionally, to being the foremost widely used, they’re also the only to use and are relatively cheap as compared to other kinds of vehicles. Bikes are often used as a how of transport, for leisure tours also for exercises to remain the river healthy.

The market is full of many brands and models. These are available altogether price ranges for all classes of people. the foremost modern brands are stylish, fashionable, and adorable. To settle on the simplest bikes, you would like to think about their style, your budget, their strength or durability, and ultimately, their aesthetics as far as your color and taste are concerned.

Here is the best bicycle varieties in the world:

1. Giant bicycles

And the indisputable winner is massive Bicycles. this is often inarguably the foremost common brand and also the foremost demanded of all the bikes on the market. A Taiwan-based manufacturer, Giant Manufacturing Co has manufacturing plants within the Netherlands and China too. Through a sequence of over 12,000 retail shops spread across quite 50 countries, the corporate does hit a mean of a minimum of a billion dollars in revenue per annum. Giant manufactures bikes altogether ranges, and with great features that include great designs and dual suspensions among others.

2. GT Bikes

founded in 1972 by Richard Long and Gart Tuner, GT Bikes are also formidable forces within the industry. The Santa Ana, Californian-based company is known for the manufacture of its three main kinds of bikes namely: road bikes, BMX bikes, and thus the mountain bikes.

The brand became a benchmark model courtesy of its triple triangle design that surely took it to higher heights. the rear fronts of the bikes are designed with super easy suspensions that are responsible for the super comfort offered by this brand. additionally to performance, the company offers its market with very attractive bikes that have incredibly great looks

3. Santa Cruz

This is one of the topmost and hottest bicycle brands on the planet, mainly attributed to high-class performances. Founded by Rich Novak and Roskopp Rob, in 1993, the company has been associated with high-end bikes, as evident from its first product launched in 1994 that featured full suspension and a 3-inch travel pivot design.

Based in California, their bikes are designed to supply easy pedaling that makes it less tiring when climbing hills. Though Santa Cruz is particularly known for its premium bikes, it also well caters to the budget riders through their equally quality but is one of the only affordable bike brands.

4. Trek

This Cycles was founded in 1976 and has been known for durability ever since. the corporate is taken into account as a market leader within the world, selling its products under different brand names like Gray Fisher, Electra Bicycle Company, Klein, and Diamant Bikes.

These are mainly first-of-the-range bikes that are durable and may be employed by even heavy guys weighing up to about 150 kilograms. Trek Cycles products are marketed in additional than 90 countries within the world. In North America alone, the corporate has about 1700 dealers. Trek, a Waterloo, Wisconsin-based company, is credited for its high-performance products that have inevitably brought us a far better experience on two wheels.

5. Specialized

This is an American bicycle brand, the corporate only manufactures bicycles and bicycle parts. it’s listed among the foremost famous and therefore the absolute best bicycle brands within the world. The bike has been so popular, especially within the sporting industry that at one point, five Olympians used the brand’s bikes within the Olympics. No other brand has had such a high number before and thereafter. this is often clear evidence that their bikes are easy to mountains as super enjoyable to possess a joy ride with. Get a Specialized product at any price range and begin your bicycle adventure today with one of the simplest bike brands.

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