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5 Awesome Bicycles For Your Next Adventure

Are you trying to find a reliable touring bicycle to hold you and your belongings on a round-the-world tour? or even you would like an everyday commuter bicycle which will even be an ideal companion for brief trips. Well, during this article we collected a number of the simplest touring bicycles priced under 2,000$ (or Euros, less an equivalent nowadays).

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Some are documented touring machines, tested by many adventurers all around the globe, while some are less known but absolutely worth a glance. a couple of having a shorter gear range, take that in mind if you’re considering the Pamir or the Himalayas. Most of those bicycles are made out of steel, a cloth that the majority of tourers like better than lighter aluminum.

Here are some of the most highly recommended budget touring bicycles that have proven themselves over time and miles.

1. Dawes Galaxy

Previously referred to as the Galaxy AL (the AL stood for “aluminum”), it had been built on an equivalent design principle because of the costlier models within the range such as the Super Galaxy and Ultra Galaxy. The regular model had a basic 3×8sp Shimano Claris all-terrain bicycle drivetrain, 36-spoke wheels, and Schwalbe Marathon tires, which reinforced this bike’s intended use as a heavy-duty, durable, and versatile tourer for asphalt and gravel.

(The Dawes Galaxy was one among the foremost widely available touring bicycles in UK main street bicycle stores, so you’ll still find a couple of 2020 models for sale. inspect this list of touring bike specialists for a few starting points.)

2. Fuji Touring LTD 2021

Japanese manufacturer Fuji’s entry-level touring bike, the Touring LTD, features a Reynolds 520 compliant frameset with classic touring geometry and is that the sole bicycle within the budget category with flat handlebars, which may appeal to those with a hybrid/city or mountain-biking background.

Strong 36-spoke 700C wheels on Shimano Deore hubs, plus a durable Shimano 3×9sp chainset from the center of their mountain-biking range, point to high ambitions during a good-value package aimed toward riders who want to require their time and explore in comfort on a motorcycle which will tackle a good range of terrain. The Vittoria Randonneur tires won’t be the longest-lasting, but at 40 mm (1.6″) in diameter, they’ll be comfortable on asphalt and gravel alike until you create the upgrade.

The Touring LTD does feature some throwaways, like toe clips and frame-mounted pump pegs (really?). much more valuable is that the fact it comes in no fewer than seven frame sizes, allowing more precise fitting, and fewer compromises for brief or tall riders. The more recently introduced (and more expensive) Touring Disc LTD features the well-regarded TRP S pyre cable disc brakes, and switches from flat bars and an all-terrain chain set to drop bars and road gearing, making it an altogether sportier and more performance-orientated bike than the standard Touring LTD, with a special quite rider in mind.

3. Kona Sutra 2021

Kona has long inhabited the left-of-center in cycling. The Sutra, too, is progressively-minded. it had been one among the primary mainstream touring bikes to form the switch to disc brakes back within the early 2010s.

Since then, Kona has adopted the stiffer and stronger bolt-through axle standard (another first amongst bikes during this list) and tightened up the frame geometry to provide a nimble and sporty cyclocross-inspired steel frameset, which is shared with the firmly gravel-oriented Sutra LTD but remains a touring bicycle at its core.

Mountain-bike 3×9sp gearing on-road wheels and drop bars, plus mixed-terrain Schwalbe Marathon Mondial tires and a Brooks B17 generously fitted as standard, all point to the happy blend of on-road and off-road use increasingly preferred by riders happening shorter, wilder adventures, as against world-ranging epics. Where others have moved to integrated shifters and brake levers, Kona has (wisely, in my opinion) stuck with bar-end shifters; perhaps less ergonomic but certainly more durable.

4. Ridgeback Panorama 2021

The Ridgeback Panorama is a UK-designed bicycle, Reynolds 725 comply-framed, disc brake-equipped, premium touring bike with a durable selection of 3×9sp drivetrain components from both roads- and mountain-biking ranges.

Its traditional, road-oriented frameset is prime for being built up into a fully-loaded, long-haul, asphalt touring machine. like other bikes during this list, only the rear rack is fitted as standard, with lowrider fork mounts provided for later upgrade.

Weak points on the Panorama include the integrated shifters/brake levers, which break free from the principle of separating potential points of failure – and although you’ll theoretically swap them out for bar-end or even downtube shifters, it wouldn’t be the sole task. The wheelset components are also nothing to write down down-home about; get the spokes re-tensioned before taking this bike on a long-haul tour.

5. Surly Disc Trucker 2021

Back in 2012, when the jury was still out on disc brakes as a reliable choice for long-distance touring, Surly produced a disc-specific version of their legendary end of the day Trucker (see below), cunningly naming it the Disc Trucker, which has evolved into one of the foremost versatile and tried-and-tested touring bikes on the world. Racks and mudguards are excluded, the intention being for you to retrofit your own according to your needs. The Disc Trucker platform has had a serious update for 2021, about which more detail on the Surly blog. Wheel diameter now complements frame size, ie: bigger wheels suit taller riders and therefore the vice-versa, for a whopping 11 frame/wheel size combinations. Similar to the Kona Sutra (see above), performance tweaks like bolt-through axles and touring/backpacking versatility improvements are implemented to match the type of wilder, mixed-terrain rides that the Disc Trucker is increasingly used.

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